User data protection

Any self -respecting company or organization takes care of the protection and confidentiality of information, because the slightest leak or loss of important data can lead to big losses. Among other things, for the loss of personal data, the leader can bear legislative liability.

The main way to protect data today is encryption, in addition, it is considered the most reliable and simple for the user.

You can encrypt data in various ways that depend on the operating system used and. Unfortunately, all systems have weaknesses. To take them into account, you need to know the features of operating systems:

one. For example, temporary files sometimes include all the information of the file, but often open and remain unprotected.

2. SWAP files allow the use of a larger amount of memory of the OS, but when pumping memory, data may again be easily accessible.

3. Windows has alignment of files – all files are distributed by clusters, and if the file is large enough, then encrypted data can become open if they get into the last cluster as the remainder of the file.

four. File room in the basket. After all, even if you then delete the file from it, the disk will still remain data, and they can be extracted using publicly accessible programs.

5. Even the Windows File System allow data leakage.

It becomes clear that the data must not only be encrypted – but also suppress the possibilities of leakage into temporary systems and files. Only a specialist with good qualifications can tell you about the use and implementation of devices that contribute to data protection. Of course, like any other type of protection, qualified and effective data protection also requires certain investments, but the safety of information is profitable investments.

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