The number of new buildings with the concept of “city within a city” has risen sharply in Russia

In Russia, housing construction with the concept of “city within a city” has increased dramatically, as well as demand and supply for such a product.

This was reported to Izvestia on August 1 by analysts from the architectural companies T+T Architects and MAD Architects.

“New housing in the largest Russian cities is increasingly being built according to the “city within a city” principle – to create a self-sufficient local environment. The popularity of remote work is having an effect,” said Sergey Trukhanov, head of the architectural bureau T + T Architects.

According to him, the real estate market promptly reacted to the trend with a sharp increase in interest in the ideas of polycentrism. Maria Nikolaeva, head of the architectural bureau MAD Architects, noted that in “city within a city” projects, infrastructure is not an auxiliary addition, but a full-fledged part of the concept.

“Inside modern residential complexes, the demand for high-quality restaurant concepts and co-working spaces has increased. They allow you to form a network of self-sufficient polyfunctional mini-clusters, reduce pendulum migration, stimulate municipal economies, small and medium-sized businesses,” Trukhanov explained.

Separately, he noted the increased importance of regional public centers and points of attraction, which play an important role in maintaining quality leisure and communication.

“Increasingly, the same developer is building a residential building next to an office building, forming a harmonious architectural ensemble. Also, in this way, a single operating structure is created with a common management company (management company. – Ed.), which has a positive impact on the quality, speed and availability of services, ”Nikolaeva added.

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