The neighbors flooded – to eliminate immediately

Well, what are you, we are not mafiosi and not a criminal group to eliminate neighbors. With whom it doesn’t happen, for sure, you had to blush more than once for the same reason. What to take care of is about the ceiling coating, resistant to possible leaks.

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Yellow spots protection

So that incomprehensible stains after the flow of water do not catch your eyes, select the structure or material that can hide them. From simple to complex:

Ceiling paint

Ceramic tile

Dropped ceilings

Stretch ceiling

Additional strengthening of the ceiling in one of these methods will help, if not forever, then for a very long time to forget about stains on the ceiling. The suspended ceilings are especially good in this regard: remove, dry and put in place.

Veterans stains

But before you readily go for the purchase of saving coatings, you need to deal with existing marks. Necessarily. You need defects in the structure of the ceiling? The smoother the surface, the longer the new ceiling lasts. And the streams of water make the surface uneven.

Without hesitation, remove the old layer of plaster, apply a primer. It will make the surface of the ceiling even, as if there were no floods. Grind the ceiling, because we need absolute smoothness to install suspended structures or tile masonry. After the surface is completely ready, you can proceed to the installation of the selected type of coating.

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