The final stage of the repair: do cleaning

Many sincerely believe that the repair ends with the departure of the construction team. However, this is not quite true. Another event is ahead – cleaning. Moreover, the forces on restoring order sometimes have to spend so much that the repair process is delayed, and the apartment owners cannot return to a normal life. Of course, there is a radical solution to the problem – a cleaning company. But most have to remove garbage on their own and wipe the spots.

A few tips

Before picking up a broom and a wet rag, you should clearly evaluate the front of the work. The largest problem is usually building garbage. Its export can turn into a rather laborious lesson. But this can be avoided if you include a clause obliging workers to eliminate the rubble from the residues of building materials in the contract for repair.

As well as repair work, cleaning is carried out from top to bottom. For this, the ceiling and walls are first cleaned, then go to the windows and doors. The final stage is the floor. You should also wipe the dust from sockets and switches, pay attention to door handles and skirting boards.

Disposing stains

As a rule, even if the workers carried out the repair very carefully, and the floors were thoroughly covered, it is impossible to do without spots. It is sometimes quite difficult to remove them. In any case, for each substance, its own methods are used:

For alkaline, vinegar or lemon juice is required;

for acidic – salt or soda.

But it is better to do it while the paint, glue, etc. Not dried out. One of the mandatory stages, which includes cleaning apartments after repair, is to ventilate the room. In order to do not interfere with the residents of the residents and other construction chemistry, the windows should be opened as often as possible. Especially taking into account the fact that in a week building dust will settle and cleaning will need to be repeated.

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