The expert spoke about the ideal portfolio for lazy investors

Most unqualified investors are often not prepared to manage their portfolio on a daily basis and follow industry news. In such a case, it is possible to make a portfolio that does not require the constant participation of the investor, Arina Vlasova, junior asset manager at PSB Management Company, believes.

The expert told Izvestia on August 2 what should be taken into account.

“The key features of such a portfolio are a long investment horizon and a conservative set of instruments: OFZ (federal loan bonds. – Ed.), bonds of the largest Russian companies, shares of companies, mainly of the first echelon, gold. In view of minimizing risks, the return on such a portfolio will be moderate: most likely, it will exceed deposit rates and the return on OFZ, but at the same time will be inferior to the stock index,” Vlasova said.

Speaking of assets, she stressed that in order to reduce risks, they should be divided into classes and industries so that the decline in quotations of one instrument is offset by an increase in the cost of another instrument. In this case, the portfolio should consist of various assets.

“If we are talking about stocks, these should be both first-tier companies (leaders in their industry. – Ed.), And promising second-tier companies, as well as companies with different capitalization and from different industries,” the expert explained.

According to her, the investor’s portfolio should also contain a share of medium-term and long-term government and corporate bonds.

“Another instrument with a long investment horizon is gold: futures, coins and bullion. This is a traditional protective tool in case of shocks in the stock market,” Vlasova added.

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