Suburban residential complexes in the suburbs

The main advantage of the suburban residential complex (ZZHK) is an acceptable price, which makes such apartments the best solution for those who are limited to the budget when buying. The main audience of buyers is primarily young families, pensioners and Muscovites who cannot allow housing in the capital and are forced to move for the Moscow Ring Road to buy affordable housing. It should be noted that last year ZZHK became the best -selling type of real estate in the suburbs, the sales of which increased on average 5 times over the past year. In great demand, apartments with decoration are in great demand, which will be populated as soon as possible, without wasting time to repair. The most popular option among buyers are 1-2 apartments with an area of ​​40 to 60 kV. M which is about 75 % of demand for this type of housing. In general, ZZHK mainly presents apartments 1-3 with an area of ​​35 to 110kV. m, this is one of the factors that makes land in the suburbs so popular.

Experts predict such projects without a cloud future T. There are practically no alternatives in Moscow. So for some, this segment of the real estate market in 2012 can grow according to some estimates in 1.5 times. If there is demand, it means that developers will create proposals, especially since the construction of ZZHK is cheaper than the construction of both apartment buildings and small -apartment buildings, not to mention the capital. Plus, the construction of this type is more profitable to build compared to Townhouse and cottages. For example, if you take a plot of 6.5 hectares, then it can be built about 25,000 kV. M Townhaus vs 55000 ZZHK. As they say, the difference is on the face. I must say that its main trump card, low -rise housing can lose if demand exceeds the supply. Some experts talk about increasing prices by 20% soon. In this case, the price stabilization can be said no earlier than after a few years, when the SZHK market is saturated.

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