Suburban construction as a welfare indicator

Oh, how politicians love our welfare to measure! Just do not measure. And in abstract GDP, from which, frankly, we are neither cold nor hot (still nothing will break off). And in the number of conditional socks per capita … just not in parrots.

And our housing is considered, in particular. What is the suburban construction? In every way: under construction, built, but not paid, falling apart from dilapidation. Oldness, by the way – the official term; Apparently indicates that the object is erected at the Old Testament. And all this for some reason is considered an indicator of welfare.

But this is absolutely wrong. For most of us, housing is an urgent need, and no more. No, Abramovich, of course, housing, therefore, the well -being. And the average citizen?

But, if housing for the bulk of the population is a need, it seems to be included in the notorious consumer basket (also a strange phenomenon: someone decides how much to eat). And here all the statistical indicators of well -being burst, like a soap bubble. Politicians will probably turn red and rush to correct the situation. Just take something from them. Well, they themselves, orphans, live on the state prosecution, as in the house of the elderly old woman. Sorry for them!

God be with them, let them consider our welfare, since they do not have their own!

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