Seven reasons to choose plastic pipes

The age of steel galvanized pipes passed. The era of plastic communications has come. Several options for such pipes are widely represented in the modern market – from polyvinyl chloride and polypropylene, simple and stitched polyethylene, as well as metal -plastic.

Each type of pipes has its own characteristics, but they combine their seven advantages:

durability-more than 50 years, which is 2-3 times higher than the duration of the functioning of steel competitors;

anti -corrosion properties – the inability of polymers to enter into electrochemical reactions;

low thermal conductivity;

environmental friendliness;

low weight;

low noise;

Universality – can be laid in the house and on the street.

Therefore, it is equally good to produce both water pipes and a drainage.

Features of plastic pipes

Polyvinyl chloride products are equally good for both cold and hot water supply. They are installed in technological systems and systems associated with the food industry. The main advantage is the ease of installation using “cold” welding. The only “but”: they are installed mainly underground with fixation.

Foam -pipe pipes can be either single -layer or multilayer. Moreover, there are three types of multilayer – puff, with aluminum foil on glue and foil with perforation. Resistant to chemically aggressive environments, and are also effective when working with compressed air.

Polyethylene options are equally good to use for both internal and external pressure water supply. Whereas stitched polyethylene pipes (especially strong) are used to create warm floors and snowmail systems.

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