Septic tank from the rings.

How to make a septic tank from the rings.

If you do not have enough experience in the construction and casting of floor slabs, you should choose a design of concrete rings as a septic tank. It is necessary to take into account some points when choosing the location of the septic tank and clearly imagines how to make a septic tank from the rings. The most important thing is the sanitary rule-the design should be located no closer than 5 meters from the house and 30 meters from the water intake well. You also need to take into account the nuances such as the delivery and installation of reinforced concrete rings.

The delivery of the rings is carried out by a large carrying capacity by a car, and unloading and installation – by a lifting auto crane. In this regard, it is necessary to make sure that the site does not interfere with the operation of equipment. Measure the height of the gate, pillars with electrical wires, file too protruding trees branches. Also calculate whether there is enough space for the turn of the working equipment.

If you suddenly decide to try to install reinforced concrete rings for the septic tank manually, it should be noted that this is a rather difficult and painstaking process. Most often, such attempts end in failure, since it is unlikely that it will be possible to tightly fit the rings to each other. Also, the rings of large diameters are not recommended to roll from place to place, as this is fraught with cracks and other damage. When digging the pit for the rings, it should be made wide enough, with a rather large margin, so that, when installing the ring, it does not jam. Otherwise, even a car crane will not be able to help you. If the ring is skewed or jamming, pull it up, according to the rules of installation, in no case can not be.

The performance of the septic tank does not depend on the shape of the camera as on the detailed features of the structure. So, it is better to place the inlet and release openings away from each other to avoid a short circuit of a hydraulic type.

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