Rules for investors to avoid cheating scammers are named

In order not to fall for the tricks of scammers, before contacting a broker, an investor needs to check that the company has a license from the Bank of Russia for brokerage and depository activities, Nikita Murleikin, investment consultant at VTB My Investments, told Izvestia on July 18.

He clarified that this can be done on the website of the Central Bank. The expert explained what rules to follow in order not to be deceived by intruders in the stock market.

“Also, if an investor plans to receive professional advice, the company must be in the unified register of investment advisers. An account should be opened with reliable partners, the list of companies is presented on the website of the Moscow Exchange,” added the investment consultant.

According to him, you need to remember a few simple but important rules. Firstly, the brokerage company does not accept money to the accounts of third parties and does not ask to transfer money to the card. Secondly, there is no “brokerage account insurance” system, it only applies to bank deposits.

“Promises of high returns should be suspicious. Brokerage companies show real profitability figures, and you should not expect them to be double digits. They are unlikely to be much higher than the deposit,” Murleikin emphasized.

In addition, there are clone sites that differ from the official resources in the address bar. Therefore, in cases where an account is opened remotely, it is worth contacting the company’s support and double-checking the correctness of the site, the expert recommended.

Also, investors need to remember that in addition to fraudulent schemes, speculation and fraud can be encountered in the market.

“So, there are special programs for trading on the stock market, the so-called algorithm robots. It is important to understand that they require constant improvement. This is done by professional participants, not beginners, so there is no need to think that a ready-made algorithm will allow you to receive high profitability figures on an ongoing basis, ”explained the investment consultant.

Murleykin advised to remain vigilant in the stock market: do not share passwords, access codes to your personal account with anyone, do not send SMS codes from the broker to third parties to confirm any transactions.

“It is also important not to open links “from the broker” sent by unknown persons, and when you receive calls “from the broker” from unknown numbers, you must call back to the company’s call center,” the expert concluded.

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