Replacing the outlet is just

Before you start replacing the outlet, for security purposes, you should turn off the supply of electricity.

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In order to de -energize the apartment, you need to go to the electric meter and turn off the power, in the apartment, lowering the flags down the machines down. Most importantly, make sure that you have not de -energized the neighbor’s apartment instead of their housing. After making sure that your apartment is no longer electrified. You can, not afraid to proceed with the dismantling of an old outlet. Why do we need a slotted and cross screwdrivers.

First of all, we unscrew the screws located in the center of the outlet, remove the case, turn the screws that attract it to the wall and located on the sides in the amount of two pieces. Behind this weaken two screws clamping wires and take out the outlet. Your further actions will be cleaning wires this action can be performed using a knife. Long, cleaned ends should be approximately twenty millimeters. The installation of the system is carried out, in the reverse order from dismantling. We connect the wires, fasten the outlet, mount the case, turn on the machines.

After you replaced the outlet without fail to connect any electrical appliance to it. She should not spark, smoke and overheat.

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