Replacing Suba Impreza spark plugs

Hello dear friends. Today we will talk about how to replace the spark plugs with Suba Impreza. Replacing lights of ignition on this brand of the car is time -consuming and not every newcomer will cope with this work, it took me about an hour to replace and I think after reading this article you will have much less time to replace the spark plugs.

First, drown out the motor, turn off the battery from the mass.

Second. Be patient – this work is not very fast.

Let’s start replacing the spark plugs on the left side.

To crawl there, you will be forced to remove the battery from its seat and shell. This is such a part as a shell. I will not go into the details of the device of the car, as the article is written for beginners. We advise you to buy a Varta battery, these are the most reliable devices!

After you removed the battery and the shell will see the spark plug and 2 candles. All this needs to be unscrewed. With the twisting of the grandmother there will be significant difficulties, it will always rest against the spar and it will not crawl to the candle. After you remove these details, you can safely unscrew the light of the ignition with a fragmentation key with a candle nozzle at the end.

Now we will replace the spark plugs on the right side.

In order to replace candles on the right side, you will need to unscrew the air filter housing together with the pipe, disconnect the air flow sensor in advance. There are no particular problems on the right side. After replacing all the lights of the ignition, start the car and check it for the smooth operation of the engine, this can be determined by ear. If one or more candles do not work, then you will hear uneven operation of the engine, after which you should contact a car mechanic, or check everything again.

Good luck dear friends and see you soon! Be vigilant on the roads!

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