Replacing electrical wiring

If the apartment has not changed in the apartment from the 70-80s of the years, then it must be changed. There is a thorough reason for this: modern household equipment does not withstand the old wiring. Aluminum wiring was previously used, now, mainly, copper.

It is advisable to start the wiring of the wiring with the far room of the apartment in the Moscow Region in the house under construction.

To get started, you will need roulette and chalk or pencil. It is necessary to retreat from the floor 30cm to the axial line and draw a square in 7cm. This is a place under the outlet. If there are several sockets, then it is necessary to draw a rectangle, the length of which will be 7cm multiplied by the number of sockets.

Then lines from squares to the ceiling and then along the ceiling and the wall to the door are drawn. After the wiring lines and sockets are marked, like scores for sockets, there are places for switches. For distribution boxes, a rectangle of 20×9 cm is drawn under the ceiling, all wires will be in this place.

Next are the lines from the switches to the distribution boxes and from the lamps to the distribution boxes. Already from the boxes, the wires will be laid to the power panel. As soon as all the markings are made, the squares and rectangles are cut out in the depths of 5-6 cm, then the groove is cut into a 3-4cm groove.

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