Repair of the old parquet

If your parquet has become black from time to time or it has cracks, then it can be restored, because the parquet floor looks very attractive.

First you need to align the floor itself, since the strips of old parquet can protrude upward. In order to restore order here, you need to trim the protruding strips using a rubbish.

If the parquet bar is fastened with nails, then they should be drowned completely in the tree so that their hats cannot interfere with the cycle. When cyclime, it is necessary to remove paint, dirt, old varnish. You need to cycle with a strict machine with which the cyclist will happen much faster. But you can also cycle with your hands using a cycl, but this entails a loss of time and effort. If you want to cycle with your hands, then you need to hold the cycles with both hands and movement on yourself, remove the chips.

Then you need to light cracks and cracks. To do this, mix in some kind of vessel glue for parquet and small shavings that remained from the cycle. Then make all the cracks with this mixture. In those places where very large cracks need to insert inserts from the same parquet.

When the glue dries, you need to dilute the putty and cover the parquet. This procedure is not so mandatory, but it needs to be done. It will give a uniform tone to the wooden coating and cover up small cracks. Then you need to wait for the putty dry.

After the putty has dried up, the floor is grinded with a grinding machine.

After grinding, the floor must be lit. Then the parquet is covered with varnish or mastic in order to give it shine. The coating is applied twice: across and along the texture of the tree. Here you need to wait for the coating to dry, make an intermediate grinding, and then apply two layers of coating to the parquet again.

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