Protect your pipes with thermal insulation ISOVER

Winter cold is nearing. The question of insulation of your home is becoming relevant. However, not only walls, ceilings and floors need isolation, but also heating, air conditioning, sewage and water supply. Thermal insulation of pipes is the most important component of uninterrupted operation of all of the above systems in the house. If it was carried out poorly or was not carried out at all, you need to correctly fix the deficiencies.

Thermal insulation allows you to extend their service life, protect against sharp temperature changes and extreme situations. Mineral wool, foamed polyethylene, basalt cylinders, extruded polystyrene, polystyrene foam, etc. are used as isolating materials. Regardless of the choice of material, if the inscription “ISover” is on it, then the quality will not disappoint you. Internal communications of the structure will be reliably isolated and insulated. No accidents of the heat net, breakthroughs of pipes and problems with the sewer will not be.

Materials for thermal insulation of ISOVER are durable and environmentally friendly, have low thermal conductivity, high sound insulation, non -toxic, elastic and hardy. They are characterized by a high indicator in resistance to water pair. They are easy to transport and use. They are universal for all types of pipes and systems.

When conducting thermal insulation work, a qualified specialist should be invited. He will not only correctly select the material suitable for your climatic conditions and systems, but also set it according to the standards, give recommendations on the proper operation of pipes at different times of the year, as well as on actions in case of accidental and breakdowns of networks.

With thermal insulation of ISOVER, all systems of your home will be reliably protected!

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