Mirror stretch ceiling in the interior

Recently, stretch ceilings are increasingly appearing in our apartments and become an important “highlight” of the interior. Modern technologies allowed designers to use amazing finishing materials to create luxurious apartments. If you someday go on a furniture tour to China, you will see that the decoration and decoration of the ceilings is given not a little value. A very attractive option has currently become mirror tension structures.

Advantages of ceilings

The mirror ceiling is a stretch structure with a varnish coating, due to which the effect of reflection is achieved. Black ceiling or dark colors of glossy surfaces gives it best. You can also decorate the room with dark wallpaper, which will only enhance the mirror effect. The second interesting advantage is the ability to establish various types of lamps, lamps, chandeliers, as well as erect multi -tiered structures with mirrors.

The third advantage is the aesthetic component. Such a ceiling increases the space, makes it visually wider and fills it with light. Along with this, lighting improves simultaneously, a uniform game of light appears, which cannot be achieved with a matte ceiling. Finally, stretch structures are able to hide the flaws of walls, ventilation holes, pipes and wires. There are ceilings with patterns and ornaments that improve the design concept. You can buy furniture in China and create an oriental interior, decorating it with brocade and silk partitions.

As a conclusion, I would like to mention another important plus of suspended ceilings – this is a quick and simple installation. The mirror structure is completely not heavy in weight and can be easily dismantled if necessary. According to statistics, the operational qualities of such ceilings are very high, which is why they are used both in creating an interior in the Art Nouveau style and design with hi-tech notes.

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