Mirror ceiling

If you want to design the interior of the room interestingly, then install in it a mirror ceiling that will expand the space. This ceiling can be mounted in the most tiny apartment, the ceilings of which are low.

The mirror ceiling is made of tiles. The dimensions of their faces may vary taking into account the needs of the customer. You can install a mirror ceiling in the room where small irregularities are present on the surface. What will you need to install a mirror ceiling in the house?one. From the very beginning, calculate the number of required tiles. Try to buy mirror tiles with a small margin. In addition, you will probably have to cut the mirror, which is a difficult, complex process.

2. You can install a mirror ceiling with different methods. In the presence of concrete plates, complete leveling of the surface will be required. Typically, in this case, drywall sheets, plywood are used. All sheets are glued to the surface of the base ceiling. Use the glue that is created for mirror attachment. It is necessary to apply it extremely carefully around the perimeter of the tiles, the option of crossing is also allowed. Pour tiles all the ceiling is not worth.

3. Mirror tiles can be mounted on screws. From the very beginning, prepare the surface correctly. Drywall is suitable for alignment. Drill in the corners in each tile of the hole. Attach them to the ceiling with screws or dowels. Be sure to put rubber washers into the screws. To improve fastening strength, use screws with glue.

four. Mirror ceiling can be mounted using a polystyrene slab. Its surface is mirrored, and the inner side of the tile is a self -adhesive surface. Close all windows if the ceiling is already completely pasted with tiles. Let it dry. The draft cannot be allowed.

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