Metal detail – what is it?

The introduction of new technologies affected almost all spheres of our lives, and construction was no exception. Today, the construction of new buildings and structures is given less and less time, but at the same time the requirements for the reliability of the constructed structures are constantly growing. It is clear that no structure can be built without the use of high -quality connecting elements. Therefore, it is natural that the manufacture of embedded parts of various purposes has become a very important area in metalworking.

The embedded parts are steel structural elements made of flat plates, to which straight rods are welded from smooth or corrugated reinforcement. A vivid example of such a part is the Taurus connection type T1-MF. Most often, it is used to connect structures from reinforced concrete and prefabricated monolithic nodes of the supporting elements of buildings and various kinds of structures.

Steel of various types of rolling (strip, sheet, channel) is underway to the production of connecting elements). The choice of steel brand directly depends on the technical specifications and design documentation. But most often they use steel of ordinary brands, for example, 09g2s.

Where the embedded parts are used?

The embedded parts are distinguished by the location of metal rods. Sometimes they apply a thread.

Minor parts can be used during:

installations of columns, ceilings and construction of bridges;

installation of technological equipment;

installations of mobile antennas;

installations of enclosing structures on roads, pipelines, tunnels laying;

installation of windows, doors, fences.

It is clear that this is not a complete list of those areas where embedded parts are used. No construction can do without them. By the way, they got this name thanks to the technology of use: embedded parts are attached in concrete using metal rods or “earned”.

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