Liquid wallpaper and their components

Using liquid wallpaper is an excellent option for wall decoration, especially if all other methods are already tired. Liquid wallpaper to stay on the walls and, moreover, can mask small surface defects. It is important to note that liquid wallpaper has a fairly high level of hygroscopicity, so it is not recommended to use them in kitchens and it is forbidden to use in bathrooms. Liquid wallpaper looks great in sleeping, children and living rooms. The peculiarity of liquid wallpaper is that they may contain an incredibly large number of different components. For example, you can add sparkles to the composition of the wallpaper, thanks to which the walls in the literal sense of the word will truly sparkle, you can add gold threads that will make the walls chic. After choosing good wallpaper, it is recommended to choose a new bedspread on the bed.

Enough additives are also used, such as crumb of bark, mica and even dried algae. Thanks to a large assortment of such additives, this type of wallpaper can be used when designing almost any styles. For example, if there is a desire to use liquid wallpaper when decorating an interior in the Baroque style, then you need to use gold threads, and if you want to create an interior in the Japanese style, then there will be dry algae.

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