Liquid thermal insulation

Liquid isolation – a special material designed to cover the roof, walls and ceilings, which protects overpasses, metal structures, as well as as a coating for pipes of heating system and ventilation.

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The results of numerous studies and tests indicate that such a type of coating is characterized by a long service life of up to twenty years, even in conditions that differ in increased intensity of the use of the surface. This result can be called very impressive for such a material.

The functioning of liquid thermal insulation is based on the following factors – thermal conductivity, reflection and thermal conductivity.

This material in its composition mainly has ordinary water, which contains special compositions of ceramics, which are filled with air and various polymer compositions. Thanks to this structure, the creation of a mass of insulation is ensured as low as possible, and also ensures its adhesion and increases flexibility in relation to the surfaces, on which liquid thermal insulation is applied.

Therefore, the appearance, composition and consistency of this material is very similar to the most ordinary paint.

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