Installation of stretch ceilings

Installation of stretch ceiling, so that the installation work is easier and faster, they can and even need to be divided into several main stages, each of which is intuitive for the beginner builder, one of them is the preparation of the room. Preparation of the premises

If you decide to install a stretch ceiling on your own, then before the start of all work you should prepare the room in which the ceilings will be installed. In most cases, all work is carried out with the direct participation of a heat gun in them, which significantly increases the temperature in the room. In this regard, think in advance about those things that may be damaged due to high temperature.

Before the immediate start of work, check if all the doors are closed and if there are drafts in the room. Do not forget about the wallpaper: if you have pushed them relatively recently, then due to an increase in temperature, they may well peel off the wall and hit.

The heat gun is used only in cases where the ceilings with the seams are mounted. If seamless ceilings are installed, then the room simply gets rid of the furniture, which will interfere when moving around the room. In addition, the preparation of the room also includes the process of cleaning the native ceiling in the room, that is, unnecessary elements, old wallpapers and layers of plaster are removed, which will only crumble. If the ceiling is painted, then all paint is erased using a special wash.

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