Installation of inter -room doors

There is nothing complicated in an independent installation of the door, although at first glance this task may seem to you simply not feasible. First you need to shorten the racks of the box, taking into account the gap that should be between the floor and the canvas of the door. The size of the gap is usually 10-15 mm. After that, collect the box, using self -tapping screws. To install the door box, we need a wedge, with their help, we fix the top of the box at the level of intersection of the racks and its transverse part.

The lower part of the box is also attached using wedges, but only after an accurate check of the level of installed racks and measuring the distance between them. This is necessary so that the canvas of the door of Sophia stands like a glove. It must be taken into account that on the width of the canvas, as a rule, a gap of 5 mm is left.

This is the installation of the canvas itself. We hang it on the hinges and check whether it closes well and opens. Next, the struts should be installed exactly opposite the upper loop and at the level below the handle. After that, we pass along the perimeter of the door with mounting foam. Do not forget that the foam is doubled in volume, so the main thing is not to overdo it.

After the foam is completely dried, you should carefully extract the wedges and with the help of a knife to get rid of excess foam. Next, install the platbands and enjoy the result of our own work.

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