Installation of a metal -plastic window

Inexpensive plastic windows are very popular, including metal -plastic windows. Incorrect installation of a metal -plastic window entails big problems in the operation of the window. Installation is required to be carried out according to the adopted technical standards. To perform the installation, tools will be required: roulette, perforator or shock drill, metal scissors, kiyanka (rubber hammer), level.

Before starting the installation, check using the roulette the dimensions of your design and the size of the window if they correspond, then you can proceed to the installation.

Preparatory work before installation. You need to dismantle the old structure. Gently remove the wings, dismantle the windowsill and tide, after which the box of the old structure can be cut, so it will be easier to dismantle. Remove all construction garbage.

The protective film is required to be removed only from the outer side of the profile. From the opening part of the window it is necessary to remove the sash, and pull the double -glazed window from the deaf half. Attach anchor plates to the design, which always come with the window. Install the design in the opening, so that between the design and the opening there is a gap of about 2 cm. Using the level, set the structure in a horizontal and vertical plane, attach the anchor plates to the wall. Burn the sash and install the double -glazed window. Install the tide on the outer side of the window, and the window sill is installed from the inside of the room, first using the level is set in a horizontal plane. With the help of mounting foam, all the gaps between the window and the opening are filled. After about 24 hours, the foam will dry and start plaster work.

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