Healthy rest

Sometimes I really want to take a break from everyday work, somewhere in nature, with a good book and a cup of coffee. If in the recent past it was a luxury, then today such a vacation is available to every person who has one or another country building. In this small article we will talk about a summer gazebo, about where to start construction and how profitable and safely finish it. The best place for the gazebo, of course, is the garden or other terrain as close as possible to nature. Let’s go directly to the construction site now. The most optimal option for the gazebo is wood. You can use both pine and oak – these materials differ from each other in the price and complexity of processing. The best version of the foundation for the gazebo is columnar, this is due to the fact that such a foundation is very easy to build and it will not affect the safety of your gazebo in any way. Before starting to make the floor, it is necessary to remove the main layer of productive land. The floor can be made from paving slabs, you can leave it natural – you decide. If your gazebo is made of wood, then the roof should be wooden. To maintain heat in construction, you can use polycarbonate. It is profitable to use microporous paints for painting the gazebo. They cost more than usual, but over time they pay for themselves, as ordinary paint will crack in a couple of months and your gazebo will lose its beauty. It is better to sheathed inside the building of the wall, it is inexpensive and beautiful.

Following these simple tips, you can build an ideal gazebo that is suitable for both quiet relaxation and barbecue. But what about a light family breakfast in nature? There is little to compare with this.

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