Floor repair

The weak side of the construction of even the newest multi -story houses is the uneven sex. Often the floors in new apartments are simply filled with cement screed, not the best quality. The difference in level can reach 10 centimeters.

If you align the floors on your own, without professional builders, you must first evaluate the quality of the existing sex. This can easily be done with the help of a hydraulicarian. You need to find the highest and low floor points to determine the existing difference. To align significant defects of the floor, you need to use the guides. They can be purchased at ready -made stores or use a trimmed board or a beam. The width between the guides is 0.6-0.8 meters. Now such a company’s website has appeared and many people buy good bathroom furniture there there.

When the beacons are installed, you need to check the level on the displayed guides to avoid errors, and the floor turned out to be really even. Immediately before pouring the screed, you need to primed the floor surface using special soils. If you do not use the primer, then the future floor will turn out to be quite brittle and will be destroyed much faster.

For screed, you can use cement mortar. Its consistency depends on the thickness of the applied layer. It is also possible to use a special mixture – self -leveling sex. But such material is much more expensive than cement. Когда стяжка подсохнет нужно вынуть установленные маяки и залить образовавшиеся дыры тем же раствором Заключительным этапом будет обработка грунтовкой готовой стяжки, для закрепления основы.

If you adhere to the described technology, then without even owning knowledge in the field of construction, you can make a high -quality floor screed in your apartment.

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