Flapping fold

Classical folding compound – a seam that is formed when connecting sheets of roof – was used in a metal roofing from the end of the 19th century. For its implementation (rolling), special equipment was required. Recently, the technology of a snapping fold has replaced the classical falsaire. This is a profile that externally imitates a classic fold, but does not need to use folding equipment.

The latching fold is based on the use of the original attachment system – the so -called “latch”. To connect the panels, there is enough simple pressing, which greatly simplifies the installation of the roof. True, at the same time, additional elements may be required: wind and cornice, skates.

The technology of a fencing fold allows you to mount a roofing based on a simple crate or insulation. The use of the “latch” allows you to perform a waterproof docking of roofing panels, without using additional sealing.

The clicking fold is with a bloodless mount and with a mount based on the Kleammers. The use of aluminum Klyammers allows the roof to withstand significant loads and prevents damage to the roofing with possible temperature deformation of the material (which is very relevant in the conditions of the Russian climate).

On such a roofing, you can easily arrange a system of ramps and fastening the fencing of the roof.

Sentwitz roofing panels using the technology of a snapping fold form a single panel on the entire roofing of a slope. They are easy to install and dismantle even in the absence of special equipment and roofing skills.

It should be noted the low cost and installation of the roof, and the roof panels themselves. Construction firms present a large selection of the roof panels differing in the material, colors and sizes of roofing panels, which will satisfy even the most picky designer.

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