Earth for construction

Before building a personal country house, you need to buy land. In any case, the process of allocation of land for construction in our country, according to the law, is associated with the acquisition of land. What can offer the developer in this case real estate market?

It should be borne in mind that the land allocated for construction should be located next to the road with a solid coating. This will give you the possibility of guaranteed delivery of materials for the construction of the building. By the way, now they often began to use harpoon for suspended ceilings, it is not very expensive.

If the purchased area does not apply to the residential array, topographic survey is carried out. This is necessary to clarify the levels and composition of groundwater, determine the parameters of soil.

Topographic shooting is carried out by specialists who have an official resolution, according to which they can be found in a given area.

To obtain land allotment for construction, it is necessary to contact a land company.

There may be a situation in which land is rented for construction. For this, a lease transaction is concluded by a private person with the right of ownership, a plot of land selected by the developer.

If an agreement is concluded with the company, it is necessary to find out whether this company has the right of ownership to this site. In the case of land lease by a private person, state registration is mandatory, otherwise the transaction will be considered unlawful.

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