Custom kitchens.

Creating an effective kitchen.

It happens that a convenient kitchen must be created in a limited space of a small -sized apartment. It all depends on a thorough layout. It is necessary to place household appliances and leave a place to work. Often carefully planned and thought out small kitchen, much more functional than big.

The cuisine of the kitchen to order can be blocked by an open shelf, separating the sink and a place for cooking from the table, followed by breakfast lunches and dinners. The regiment serves as a kind of screen with which you can take the dishes on it, and on both sides.

Always remember that light colors visually increase the room. Therefore, try to ensure that the kitchen furniture is light, best white. If you install a glass door in a small kitchen, you can close it to avoid spreading odors in an apartment. She will let additional light into the kitchen. While the closed deaf door will make the space even less.

The washing is best placed in the corner, this will allow more rational to use the space.

Do not forget that old buffets are very spacious and convenient. If you install one in your kitchen, it will create a certain charm, in the style of retro, and will allow you to save a lot of space without hanging additional hinged shelves and cabinets. If possible, you can add an old table to the buffet, which is suitable for both food cooking and a family meal. Often, in old tables there are drawers, and the legs are equipped with wheels to move the table around the room.

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