Christmas fortune -telling – how to decorate a room for fortune -telling on

As you know, the girls guess at Christmas, and the guys also seek to find out their future and have fun slightly. And it is best to have fun in a specially prepared room for this. However, you should not completely make repairs, because after a few days (nights) the room should again take its previous look and fulfill all previously executable functions.

That is why we leave wallpapers and so on the same as it is – all the same, the light will be turned off. Add the attributes of witches and fortune telling to the design. These can be ancient books, a glass ball, dummy bats, as well as unusual candlesticks with candles, because we will cover the fortune -telling room with them.

In the middle of the room there should be a fortune table, so you may have to slightly move the furniture. We set the table with a black or just dark tablecloth, draw special signs for fortune telling on the Whatman and you can invite guests

It would also not be bad to record the sounds of the owl, screams of terrible spirits and let the ghost fly … But this is already how you like it. By the way, a ghost can be an ordinary balloon inflated with a helium with a light white cloth thrown over it.

Well, if you don’t want something to deal with such nonsense. I propose testing the speed of the Internet connection – suddenly your provider deceives you

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