Apartment repair law

Newspapers are full of ads on turnkey apartment repair. Building craftsmen have tools and equipment that allows you to disassemble walls from concrete. Homeowners who bought apartments and started a major overhaul believe that they can dispose of it at their own free will. They decide to take advantage of the private services of builders, causing this physical damage to buildings and other serious consequences. Despite the work of housing bodies in the regions, the number of such grief – homeowners is not reduced. A construction company will be able to help you. In the apartments, baths are installed that create loads on the ceilings, saunas are arranged, walls between rooms are disassembled and the modern new materials of the loggia are insulated. Homeowners, at best, are finished with fines. But ignorance of the Law on Housing does not exempt from responsibility.

Apartment renovation with the preservation of the building structures can be carried out by law.

Of course, repairs by law take a lot of time and you need to get all the necessary documents. All this bureaucracy is associated with ensuring the right of all residents to accommodate in the house.

For this, the owner of the apartment, who decided to make a major overhaul, must develop a project for redevelopment of the apartment with an organization that has permission for these work. The project takes into account the redevelopment of structures. The company produces, examination and gives its conclusion about the possibility of changes in the apartment. A good option when the organization has permission and for design work. This reduces homeowner’s expenses for the project.

The set of documentation with the conclusion is transferred to the urban planning department for approval and issuing

– 2 – Production permits. After that, the construction organization implements the project. Then, at the end of the work, BTI issues a technical passport for the apartment. This is the only way to redevelop the apartment by law.

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