Almost a third of the Russians surveyed are engaged in investments

Almost a third of the Russians surveyed (31%) are engaged in investments, according to a study of the financial marketplace, which Izvestia got acquainted with on July 29.

At the same time, most of them (21%) buy shares in bank applications, 6% invest with the help of a broker using leverage, and 2% choose crowdfunding (investing in a business, in a project, and in the future receiving part of the profit, goods or shares. – Ed.). Another 2% of respondents received the status of a qualified investor and use more sophisticated instruments.

“Every year, Russians are becoming more and more interested in the topic of investment, especially since there are many tools that make this process understandable and accessible even with small investments. Particularly in demand are “quick investments” – the purchase of shares in bank applications “in one click”. By investing in this way, many do not invest large amounts and perceive it more as entertainment than a serious source of income,” said Yaroslav Bajurak, Executive Director of the financial marketplace.

He called crowdfunding a moderately risky tool. According to him, the average investment in this case is a couple of thousand rubles.

“As for investments through a broker using [credit] leverage (a loan that a broker gives an investor to complete a transaction. – Ed.), The situation is different here – a person immediately invests money that he does not have, this is a potentially risky story for an unprepared investor . If you have the skills, this tool can make it possible to extract more profit than when using your own free funds, but without experience, you can literally lose the loan received in an instant, ”the expert emphasized.

At the same time, he recalled that on July 26, the Central Bank announced the introduction of new restrictions for unqualified investors. According to the draft regulator, for investors with less than a year of experience, the allowable leverage will be reduced.

“The restrictions of the Central Bank will help novice investors not go broke even before they understand the principle of the tool,” Bajurak concluded.

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